About Dr. DEMIR

About Dr. DEMIR

Hair Restoration Surgeon

About Dr. DEMIR

Who is Dr. DEMIR Hair Transplantation

Throughout more than ten years of career life, Dr. Sirac Demir (known by Dr. DEMIR) has succeeded to establish a worldwide reputation of excellence, as one of the well-known doctor for hair transplant and hair restoration in Turkey. As a result, providing more than 10,000 successful FUE hair transplantation procedure, and hair restoration treatment.

Dr. DEMIR graduated from the Faculty of Medicine – ONDOKUZ MAYIS University in Turkey. And has started his career in the FUE hair transplantation field for more than 12 years ago. During that, Dr. DEMIR has participated in many medical seminars and congresses around the world for hair transplant and hair restoration treatments, which provide the opportunity to learn about the latest techniques and knowledge in hair transplantation sector and evaluate the challenges facing surgeons in this field, as well finding out the best ways to overcome them all.

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Dr. Demir is receiving patients from different countries for the FUE hair transplantation procedure, Therefore Dr. DEMIR had the opportunity to examine and specify more additional minor reasons that increasing the hair loss according to the different factors such as: life style, living environment, nutrition type. As a result, this helps Dr. DEMIR to achieve successful natural results in FUE hair transplant procedures, especially for complex cases. And recently, Dr. DEMIR has been considered between the patients as a benchmark for excellence in Turkey

Dr. DEMIR’s commitment to education and learning has been appreciated by many hair transplantation platforms and associations, such as the Turkish Doctors Union, European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), RealSelf, and FUE Europe
Dr. DEMIR’s FUE hair transplant works have been featured as the ART of Hair Transplantation in many publications, because the FUE hair transplant done with a passion more than just steps to follow





Dr. DEMIR Knowledge Hair Transplantation Program in Turkey

Recently, a lot of online phishing ads have spread through web pages and social media. Some of these ads are real but the most are promoting for unreal offers with high features for hair transplantation including prices, such as UNLIMITED HAIR GRAFTS, LIFETIME GUARANTEED RESULTS, NO RISK, and a lot of things using modern techniques during the hair transplant procedures.

The fact is, these fake / fraudulent clinics exist in different countries and places in the world such as America, Europe, East Asia and Africa. Besides that, these fake / fraudulent clinics provide hair transplantation procedures by technicians or nurses without explicitly announcing that. This due to that many patients had fallen victims to these clinics and eventually, they did not get the expected result of the hair transplantation procedure.

Besides that, some patients have also experienced serious side effects and risks due to many causes like a large number of transplanted hair grafts (over 4100 hair grafts), Unsterilized tools and environment, and the most important absence of medical knowledge while applying high dosage of local anesthesia solutions with anti-biotic and painkillers for over than 7 hours of the procedure time.

As a result, many patients had life-threatening because of anaphylactic shock, in addition to have hair poor and irregular growth, recipient area necrosis, visible scarring in the donor area, aggressive over-harvesting which causes the damage of donor area, improper hairline design and placement

Join the Program

Monthly, a lot of patients (who had a previous hair transplant procedure in fraudulent illicit clinics) contact Dr. DEMIR, asking if there is any chance to repair them transplanted hair or to have another session of the hair transplant procedure, but unfortunately, nothing can be done.

All of these reasons, in addition to other reasons, are prompting Dr. Demir to launch an educational awareness program called KHTPKnowledge Hair Transplantation Program”.

This program aims to deliver the correct and true information related to hair transplant and helps people who having hair loss problem to identify and choose the real surgeon to have the hair transplant procedure.

This program presented in a simple modern language with many examples. This will help to protect patients and people from being scammed.

Through this program, you can Ask Dr. Demir about any issues related to hair treatment or FUE hair transplant procedure and the doctor will answer directly.

Join now, and get the benefit of the Knowledge Hair Transplant Program, you will receive up-to-date information with advice for all the issues related to the FUE hair transplant procedure and hair restoration.


Even if you will not have the hair transplant procedure with Dr. DEMIR. You still have the right to improve your information, identify the correct, protect your health, and be able to choose the right surgeon.

Consultation Session for Hair Transplantation with Dr. DEMIR

Usually, every single patient planning to have a hair transplant procedure, first must have a face to face consultation session with Dr. DEMIR. During the consultation session, the doctor will listen to patient concerns due to hair loss. And, will review the patient’s medical history. For example, if the patient had a hair transplant procedure before, or if the patient using some kind medicines, or if the patient had allergic to a specific medicine and many other issues related to the patient’s health. At the same time, the doctor will check:

  1. The hair graft nature in the donor area.
  2. The direction of growth for the original hair.
  3. The density of hair in the square centimeter.
  4. The future possibility for losing more original hair

All of these will help the doctor to determine the required number of hair grafts for hair transplant procedure, and to set up the patient’s post-operative treatment to prevent losing more hair, and recovery plan, as well, will help the doctor to re-design the right hairline for the natural final result.

Besides that, and during the consultation session, the doctor will make blood test for the patient to check Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. As well as, to check the level of vitamin D, vitamin B, zinc, iron, TSH, CBC. This will help to improve the recovery treatment plan for the patient.

For woman, there are another blood test required according to woman age and many other factors. You can find more details about the required blood test for man and woman in Patient Portal.

The patient will have the opportunity during the consultation session to ask Dr. Demir about the final results, recovery periods, best practice to follow after the procedure to have the final natural results, and any other questions related to the procedure.

Hair Densitometry & Decay ratio

During this stage of consultation session. Dr. Demir will examine the patient’s donor area scalp, by a digital Densitometer device. Thus, will determine the quality of individual hair graft unit, and the density of hair per square centimeter. Besides that, the doctor will be able to specify the degree of decay ratio of the patient’s hair. That is genetically sensitive to the effects of the hormone DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). As a result, shrinking over time and eventually causing baldness. Therefore, the decay ratio of hair can indicate future hair loss for the patient. Finally, hair Densitometry & decay ratio is important to determine the proper patient’s donor area.

Designing of Hairline & Treatment plan

During the consultation session. Dr. Demir will be able to have an idea and make a decision about the treatment plan and the final hair design. Therefore, the doctor will decide the best harmonizing distribution for the hair grafts that will be transplanting. As a result, to get the best final natural look. Besides that, the design of the hairline, and how to restore the crown shape. The final decision will be taken in collaboration with the patient’s real needs and requirements.

Now, it is possible to have a primary online consultation session (Free of Charge) with Dr. DEMIR to evaluate losing hair situation. For patients, this is an important step because the patient will decide to proceed or not with the hair transplant procedure.

In case you are planning to have a hair transplant procedure, fill out the following form and Dr. DEMIR will review the information, evaluate your situation, and you will get the evaluation result within 24 hours.
The result of the consultation session will include:

  • Hair transplant technique that is good for your situation to have the natural final looking.
  • The approximate number of hair grafts that will be transplanted to you.
  • The treatment plan and the recovery time to have the final natural looking.

General information

Kindly note that all submitted information and photos are kept strictly confidential.

Photos upload for Consultation

Submit one different photo for each of the five views. The photos should be with dry hair only. Include your entire head. You may block out your face, but very close-up photos are not useful. The doctor needs to see the overall pattern of your hair loss

Personal Information

In terms of getting an accurate evaluation for my hair loss problem, I confirm that all the information (including visual materials) that I provide is true. I realize and understand that this is an online Free of Charge Consultation Session and I will not/did not pay for any party any fees for this consultation session. I understand that all my information (including visual materials) will be kept and treated confidentially according to the law of the Turkish Ministry of Health (section patient's privacy), and according to Dr. DEMIR's privacy policy.